Big Truck/18 Wheeler Accidents

Big Truck

Big trucks are a fact of life on Louisiana roadways and while most of these trucks are operated by professional and competent drivers, there are many instances where these big trucks become the big bullies of the road. The attorneys at Hawkins & Associates have a proven record of holding these drivers and their companies to the high standards of safety and accountability you deserve.

Accidents involving big rigs are different from regular, run of the mill automobile accidents. These “Big Rigs” are, many times, governed by both state and Federal laws and regulations. Our attorneys understand the trucking industry as well as the rules and regulations which govern it. Understanding these rules can be the difference between you receiving the compensation that you deserve or being bullied by the big guys a second time.

Our attorneys have successfully handled numerous cases involving these big trucks. If you’ve been in an accident with a Big Truck/18 Wheeler or Semi-truck, call Hawkins & Associates today.